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Warners Help Youth Put Finishing Touches on Habitat Home in Cedar Rapids

Kurt and Brenda along with members of the extended Warner family worked alongside Cedar Valley Habitat for Humanity staff and local area youth to landscape and put finishing touches on another Youth United home before dedicating the home to a hardworking family. The Youth United program in Cedar Rapids is made possible through $125,000 in grant funding pledged by First Things First over a five year period. The Warners and First Things First have been involved with Cedar Valley Habitat since 2009 in response to the flood of 2008 which devastated Kurt’s hometown of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Since then First Things First has helped generate nearly $1,000,000 in financial support for Cedar Valley Habitat and its families. In addition to financial support, Kurt and Brenda have made several visits since 2009 to swing hammers, raise walls, and most recently to lay sod and plant bushes.


Summer Mission Trip Scholarships Awarded

As Spring Break Mission: Possible! Scholarship recipients begin submitting follow-up reports, new groups of students have been awarded with scholarships for their summer service-based mission trips in the US. A total of 47 groups from across the country were awarded with scholarships totaling $39,000 to serve the needs of various communities this summer with projects such as home repairs, community garden planting, caring for those with disabilities and the elderly, serving in food banks, and more. As one advisor wrote, “It is so important to teach the youth about Christ and His teachings and the way in which He lived His life for us. This teaching is vital, but to just teach is like just having a vertical cross that is missing the horizontal part. The youth need to experience being Christ’s hands and feet. They need to experience giving to others without being paid back in return. They need opportunities to live out Matthew 25. To me service is the horizontal piece of the cross and a necessary piece.” Please join us in prayer for these groups as they share the love of Christ through service this summer.


Kurt and Brenda in Cali for CHEER

Kurt and Brenda made a special visit to a high school in Southern California to encourage the students to make a positive impact on someone else. The Warners spoke to the 4,000 students at Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Eastvale during two assemblies as part of CHEER – Conscious Helps Encourage Equal Respect. Roosevelt earned the appearance by the Warners with their enthusiastic implementation of the CHEER program during the pilot phase of the national expansion and partnership with Best Buddies. Since Fall 2014, Roosevelt has hosted three CHEER weeks with more than 300 students adopting a disability for a day and coming together at the week’s end to discuss the impact. The message of inclusion is taking hold at Roosevelt where the student body recently elected a student with downs syndrome as Homecoming Queen. During the assembly, Kurt reminded the audience that his trophies, rings and awards will soon be forgotten but the “impact you have on someone else is never forgotten.” Any schools interested in hosting a CHEER week at their school can inquire by calling the First Things First office at 602-385-0840.


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Treasure House is a supported residential community for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Visit treasurehouse.org to learn more.


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