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11th Annual Ultimate Football Experience

The 11th annual Ultimate Football Experience raised nearly $200,000 for First Things First! Gridiron warriors from Amway (2 teams), Prosource, Remo Tulliani Gear for Men, PetRays, R&S Mattress, and U-Haul along with individual players who formed teams of eight took to the field with NFL players of the past and present including: Drew Bledsoe, Larry Fitzgerald, Robert Griffin III, Matt Hasselbeck, Michael Irvin, Christian Ponder, Philip Rivers, Geno Smith, Brian Urlacher and of course Kurt Warner. Ultimately Drew Bledsoe and PetRays defended the 2013 PetRays title defeating RGIII and R&S Mattress to win the Championship. Click here to view the event program with full details on this unique two-day event. For more photos, go to Kurt’s Facebook page here.


CHEER Expands to St. Louis

Since 2008, six schools in Arizona have participated in the CHEER (Consciousness Helps Encourage Equal Respect) program. This year will mark a year of expansion for the disability awareness program that invites students to “adopt” a disability for a day and hopefully encourage greater respect for both the differences and similarities of each individual. On February 14, Kurt and Brenda, joined by their oldest son Zack, hosted an all-school assembly at Lindbergh High School in St. Louis to culminate the week-long program led by Lindbergh students with support from First Things First. Eleven additional schools in four other states are set to run the program during the spring semester of 2014 in partnership with Best Buddies.


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Treasure House is a supported residential community for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Visit treasurehouse.org to learn more.


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