A Note From Kurt


Dear Friends,

Many have said if my life story was a script in Hollywood, it would never be believed. But - I am where I am because I believed and I never gave up...and that is the message of the Kurt Warner First Things First Foundation. Brenda and I are living proof of the importance of having strong faith in God, in yourself and in your talents.

This foundation started with a vision sparked by a magical year in 1999 when my lifelong dream of success in the NFL became a reality. I had my share of ups and downs on the field during my career. But, through it all I felt the Lord’s presence at work in my life. NFL experts tried to figure out the secret to my on-field successes. For me, it's easy and really has little to do with football. First things first - faith and family - is my formula for success.

Brenda and I have experienced extreme highs and lows - and through it all our faith and our family are the fabric that holds everything together. It is our wish to share these blessings and beliefs with others who have lost hope in themselves, their talents, and life.

Established in 2001, First Things First is a 501(c)3 public charity which serves as a vehicle for Brenda and me as we reach out to the community to share our blessings with those in need.

We thank you for supporting our efforts to love on those who need to be reminded how precious life is. As a football player, I understand the importance of teamwork in turning dreams into realities. Thank you for being our teammate to remind everyone that all things are possible when you put First Things First.

God Bless,

Kurt Warner
Quarterback #13
Arizona Cardinals 2005-2009
New York Giants 2004
St. Louis Rams 1998-2003




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